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British government's support to Ethiopia Continues (July 2008)

posted 29 Jan 2012, 06:23 by D Woldeab
Dear members and non-members,

You may have seen DFID’s Press Release
made public yesterday regarding the release of additional £20 million in
aid to Ethiopia.  On 9 June 2008, DFID announced a £10 million emergency
response to the Ethiopian government’s humanitarian appeal, in addition to
the £5 million of relief aid provided the previous month. On 21 of
November 2007, DFID announced a £75 million assistance to be spent on
'water and sanitation projects'.  DFID has been looking for every excuse
to provide Ethiopia with large financial aid.  DFID has to spend the
budget allocated to them within the budget year to be able to continue to
get the same level of funding from the Treasury and Ethiopia is a country
that they have chosen to spend a large amount of money on regardless of
whether or not the money makes a difference to the lives of Ethiopians.

The Ethiopian government announced that they have increased their military
budget by £50million a year to £400 million on the same day that the
British government pledged to increase the aid given.  Ethiopian
government has only been able to finance its invasion of Somalia and
threaten neighbouring countries through the large financial assistance it
has been receiving from the British government and others.

As has been proven time and again, no amount of money pumped into Ethiopia
will make an iota of a difference unless peace is given a chance.  DFID
admits this fact.   Clause 55 of DFID’s three years plan for Ethiopia
states the following:

“Conflict in the Horn of Africa has caused considerable suffering to large
numbers of people and greatly contributed to current poverty levels.
Greater effort is needed from all stakeholders in the region to put an end
to conflict in the Horn. If that does not happen, there is a high risk
that poverty reduction in Ethiopia will be seriously impeded.”

Unfortunately, we have not seen the British government lift a finger to
prevent conflicts in the Horn of Africa.  To the contrary, the British
government has been adding fuel to the fire by providing Ethiopia the
financial and political backing knowing well that it has violated
international laws and many UN resolutions.  It is this unjustifiable
support that is encouraging Ethiopia to defy the rule of international
laws and continue with its intransigence, which in turn has created the
instability that we are witnessing in the whole region.

It is important that people of the Horn of Africa and other peace loving
individuals continue to protest against the destructive policies of the
British government by contacting their respective MPs.  To protest against
the increase in financial aid, please contact DFID’s Amy Wright on 020
7023 0423 or 020 7023 0600, or send your e-mail at