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E-petition: Say No to the UNjust Sanctions against Eritrea

posted 29 Jan 2012, 06:33 by D Woldeab

The UN Security Council passed a resolution imposing sanctions on Eritrea on the 23rd of December 2009, with full support from the British government, for allegedly providing financial support to the Somali insurgents and in relation with the conflict with Djibouti.  The sanctions include an arms embargo, travel bans and asset freezes. No evidence has been presented to substantiate the accusations.  The British government has classified the evidence it claimed it has and would not disclose it to our community representatives or anyone else for that matter.   This has taken place at a time when Ethiopia continues to militarily occupy sovereign Eritrean territories in violation of the UN Charter and the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission´s final and binding delimitation and demarcation decisions. 


Are you as angered by this patent injustice as we are?  If so, take ACTION now. An e-petition has been set up on Downing Street’s website to register our complaints with the British Prime Minister. Please visit the following link to access the petition:


Important: please follow the instructions below when signing the petition:

 ·     Give your name, address and an e-mail address in the space provided.

·     Once you have signed, you will be sent an email asking you to confirm that you have signed the petition.

·     Please check your e-mail and click the link provided to confirm.  Your name will only be added once you have confirmed.  Your personal details including address and e-mail will not be shown. 

·     You must be a resident in the UK or British citizen to sign the petition.

The petition start date is:           18 January 2010

The petition will be closed on:    18 March 2010

Please urge everyone you know to sign the petition.  


Thank you for taking action.


The Action Group for Eritrea – Campaign Team

email: age@eritrea.co.uk,  Facebook