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Ethiopia - 'Wicked regime that invests its resources in wars rather than feeding its own people'

posted 29 Jan 2012, 06:20 by D Woldeab


Dear members and non-members,

We would like to draw your attention to the Early Day Motions (see below)
raised in parliament by Harry Cohen, MP, condemning the Ethiopian
government for its war policy.  20 MPs have signed the latest motion and
have referred the Ethiopian government as a 'wicked regime that invests
its resources in such wars rather than feeding its own people.'  The MPs also expressed their disapproval that the 'Ethiopian government is encouraged and financed to do this by the US and UK governments'

We must have all seen reports of the Ethiopian government announcing the
increase of its military budget by $50m to $400m, just a week after it
appealed for more aid to feed the millions of starving Ethiopians.  No sooner than the Ethiopian government's announcement, 
the British and American governments were falling over each other to donate millions of dollars
to Ethiopia. In stead of exerting pressure on the Ethiopian government to
mend its ways and address the root cause, the British government is
fuelling the crises in the Horn of Africa by providing it with diplomatic
support and huge financial aid using various excuses such as famine, food
security, training budget for the police that mowed down protesters,
indirect budgetary support, poverty reduction, sustained development,
protection of basic services grant, achieve Millennium Development Goals

The world is yet to see any improvement in the lives of the tens of
millions of Ethiopians on whose name their government received tens of
billions of dollars in aid over the last 30 years.  Any sane person would
know where all that money has gone.

The British government is embroiled in making the lives of people in the
Horn of Africa miserable by misusing public fund.   It is therefore
important that we all contact our respective MPs to request that they sign EDM 1700.  We also need to inform as many people as possible to do the same.

To find out ways of contacting your MP, you may use the following links


For Sample letter click here



1700     ETHIOPIA04.06.2008

Cohen, Harry
That this House is concerned at the new drought and famine in Ethiopia;
and, whilst favouring aid to those innocent civilians including children
affected, records its condemnation, in such circumstances, of the
Ethiopian government for its war policy which led it to invade and be the
principal occupying force in neighbouring Somalia where it has established
a warlord regime creating more refugees and human carnage there than in
Darfur; expresses disapproval that the Ethiopian government was encouraged
and financed to do this by the US and UK governments; and considers it a
wicked regime that invests its resources in such wars rather than feeding
its own people.