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Global Action Month: Letter to the the Foriegn Office (05 December 2010)

posted 29 Jan 2012, 06:42 by D Woldeab

Dear Sir,

We write on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Algiers Agreement and the first anniversary of the sanctions imposed against Eritrea by the UNSC.  On 23 December 2009, the same day and time that the sanctions were being passed in New York, representatives of the British Eritrean community and various organisations visited your office to seek clarifications and understand the justification for the sanctions.  To our dismay, we were told point blank that the British government was not willing to reveal the evidence it had to justify the sanctions, not even to our representative members of parliament.  As if this was not enough, we were also informed that the evidence was not put forth to a high Eritrean delegation, which had visited a day before.  British Eritreans, as stakeholders, were denied of their right to review and scrutinise any evidence that the British government claimed it had. To this day, the allegations against Eritrea remain un-proven.  

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