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Global Action Month: Telephone Campaign (December 2010)

posted 29 Jan 2012, 06:47 by D Woldeab

23 December 2010 will mark the first anniversary of the date that the United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions on Eritrea, based on false and unsubstantiated accusations that are still to be proven. The sanctions were a continuation of the injustices that have been perpetuated against the people of Eritrea. Eritreans were out on the streets of major cities in the world to strongly oppose the sanctions. Our collective voice created a thunder that the perpetrators of the sanctions could not ignore. Many letters were sent to Security Council members, the sanction committee, governments and embassies. It is for this reason that the sanctions have not been fully implemented and the impact lessened.  


The voice of every single Eritrean is important. No self-respecting Eritrea should remain indifferent when injustice is being done to our country and people. This is the minimum we can do, and today we call upon all our members and friends to get involved and do their bit in the campaign that is being waged this month to call for the annulment of the sanctions. The cycle of injustice must end!

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