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Human Rights Watch: British Aid Money Misused by Ethiopia

posted 29 Jan 2012, 06:51 by D Woldeab

Open Letter to DFID Secretary of State Andrew Mitchell

We recognise that the Ethiopian government is extremely resistant to scrutiny. Nonetheless, the British government and other donors to Ethiopia should not allow the Ethiopian government to dictate the terms on which British public money is monitored, and every effort should be made to prevent British development aid from strengthening authoritarian rule and repression. William Hague asserted in a recent letter to Human Rights Watch, which was drafted with your involvement, that he takes very seriously allegations of the distortion of aid in Ethiopia. To give effect to this commitment, the British government and its partners within the Development Assistance Group should conduct an independent, impartial, transparent, field-based investigation into allegations of the manipulation of donor funded government services for political purposes.

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