AGE is a non-profit, impartial, non-partisan, civic organisation with a purpose to promote the social, cultural and economic development of Eritrea while working for the unconditional implementation of the Eritrea Ethiopia Border Commission (EEBC) ruling. AGE also acts as a conduit where individual volunteers can make their knowledge, skills and experience available for the benefit of the country.

The group will promote the interest of Eritrea in the UK. It will do this by mobilizing interested and committed Eritreans and Friends of Eritrea to work towards making a tangible difference to the life of our people and do everything possible to safeguard the territorial integrity of Eritrea. Our guiding principle is that members will concentrate on issues that bind them together while respecting their differences.


  • Lobby and campaign the international community in general and the British Government in particular to put pressure on Ethiopia to immediately implement the rulings of the Boundary Commission.
  • Promote and facilitate actions focused on defending the territorial integrity of Eritrea that has been materialised through long struggle and upheld by international law.
  • Foster and maintain a program aimed towards the advancement of strong bond between Eritrea and Britain. AGE will work with relevant Eritrean/British government or non-government agencies or groups to promote and encourage bilateral relationship on cultural, economic and social areas.
  • Strive to advance Eritrea’s vision for economic prosperity and social cohesiveness. Engage intellectuals and seek active participation of Eritreans and friends of Eritrea, especially the youth, to advance the social and economic development of Eritrea.
  • Challenge any inaccurate and biased media coverage about developments in Eritrea.
  • Organise seminars, workshops and exhibitions to promote the aims of the group.
  • Seek partnership and develop links with relevant organisations with a view to furthering the Group’s mission.
  • Identify areas of priority for action and set up functional committees or task groups to implement the objectives.
  • Raise funds to implement its programmes.

 If you want to join AGE or want more information please contact us at age@eritrea.co.uk